When a new baby is on the scene, unfortunately that will become the only thing that you’re able to talk about with your mates… and it’s usually over a cold (likely overpriced) ale. All thought of sport, movies, music is completely on hold.

That’s precisely where these two guys found themselves; in the depths of ‘New-Dadness‘ chatting over a beer. One with his 6 month old changing his world, the other with his daughter still brewing and there were questions and stories flowing like the golden nectar.

We sipped our lagers and bemoaned the lack of online content for new Dads – anything we came across was way too serious and we wanted to know if others shared our idiocy and knowledge vacuum. Then in a pre-drunken moment, a dim flickering light bulb went off above us and we decided that we could bring the clueless fathers of the world together.

As we discussed this game changing idea, we were giving some of the most pointless reviews of the beers that landed on our table. We know precious little about hops, wheat or any sort of brewing processes so our appraisals tried to touch on everything and anything else.

For all the new and pre-Dads lost in the world of fatherhood and craft beers that just want to know that knowing nothing is knowledge enough. We hope you enjoy Beers Babies and Better Halves.