Top 10 parent and child team ups

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Sometimes in this world nepotism and assumed succession can lead to great things! Most of the time it crashes burns and destroys families, but let’s have a quick look at the thin sliver of times it knocked it out of the park. In no particular order, here are the Top 10 Parent Child Team Ups

Vince Sr, Vince Jr & Stephanie McMahon

The first set of Vinces were less of a team up and more a ‘taking his Dad’s little stable of wrestlers and then snatching all those other little stables to consolidate it into national (then international) reaching company’. The next McMahon generations were brought in to launch it to the stratosphere. While the, Koousually patriarchal, running of oiled up Adonises is expected to be helmed by the Y chromosome of the family, Stephanie is the one that has made decisions to boost the WWE even further. Notably convincing Dad not to fire John Cena early in his career, you know, the guy that became the entire face of the company not long after. Yeah, Shane McMahon is a little pissed.


George and Marty McFly

From the theory of ‘Would I be friends with my Dad if I met him in high school?’ came an iconic film universally loved and highly regarded as a THE time travel film. The basis of the story is about a teen formulating a plan with his Dad to deck the perpetual bully and get laid. Doesn’t sound like blockbuster material, but the desperation and awareness of Marty coupled with the genuine naïve innocence of George, gets everyone emotionally onside and rooting for these two ostensibly sketchy characters. Think about watching this from a neutral perspective. How unbelievably dodgy would these two look roaming around together. I’m surprised there wasn’t more police involvement, ah that’s right – it was the 50s and they were white. As you were.


Mark & Tom Jones

Once Jones’ junior took over the reins of his Dad’s career, he convinced his father to ditch the velvet, dick hugging pants and be a normal human. He stopped the elder Welshman getting black out drunk and re-ignited a career that has been hitting charts since in the 30 years since. Mark Jones’ (Or Howard as he goes) pinnacle of success (according to yours truly) was getting the old man to team up for the ultimate 90s album line up that brought the world Sex Bomb. Thank you, Mark. Thank you.

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Ivan Reitman & Jason Reitman

The cinematic god that brought us Ghostbusters(es), Twins & Kindergarten Cop sired a creative gene that hit a home run very early with the tour de force of Juno. As the second Man-of-Reit succinctly put it in the most anticipated tweet of Men-Children around the world; he’s ‘finally been given the keys to the car’. The new and most anticipated movie featuring ectoplasm and Theremin music, will be helmed from the bloodline of the original. It already has a head start and feeling of joyous warmth. It would take a lot to fuck this up.


Richard Williams & Serena and Venus Williams

Imagine, if you will, 2 tennis prodigies. Little girls. Sisters. Firing back volleys and devastating backhands to people twice their age at the local tennis courts. You would expect to look up and see at least one of their parents as a side-line screaming former Wimbledon winner, but instead you’d see a steely gazed man watching those baseline drives whizz past grown adults and approve with a knowing nod. His training consists of knowing a guy called “Old Whisky” and then creating a terrifying 80-page manifesto to turn his children into a world dominating duo. If it hadn’t worked, this would be the story of a psychopath… but it did, and 44 Open titles and a few Gold Medals later, this man looks to be God-like in his coaching. I’m up to about 30 pages so far for my kid.


Eugene & Dan Levy

A small JewFro’d Canadian man who began in the famed Second City honing his craft with John Candy, Dan Akroyd, Rick Moranis and Martin Short (to name a few) forged a very solid career in movies and TV. He gained a cult following in the films of Christopher Guest alongside Catherine O’Hara, with whom he reunited for the amazing Schitt’s Creek. Born from the brain of Eugene’s son, Dan, it has swept the world and grown into a firm favourite of anyone who stumbles across it. With Dan’s creativity and Eugene’s writing, acting, professional contacts and surprisingly high wealth – Schitt’s Creek swept the world. I seriously recommend it… even if it’s just for Catherine O’Hara.


Richard, Duke of York & King Edward IV

The Duke of York is one steel balled figure of history. Seeing England ruled by a vacuous moron he essentially declared war by demanding the throne via a pretty thin royal lineage in order to right the country again. We can yadda-yadda through the political to-and-fro to the bit where The Wars of the Roses kicks off. Duke Richie brings his teenage kids out in to the thick of the sword wielding battles and before long, his eldest, Edward, is swinging the blades next to his Dad in the muddy British fields. When the Duke got captured and removed from the world, little Eddie, now a battle hardened 20ish-year-old, stepped into the role destroyed the King’s armies, took the throne and brought the country to peace. He also drowned his treasonous brother in a vat of wine, so it appears those balls of steel were genetic.


Henry & Indiana Jones

Raiders is considered the greatest of the Indiana Jones films, but I will argue that Last Crusade is easily the most fun. Having the 40 something ultimate hero adventurer immediately become an angst filled teen when his suave, Scottish Dad turns up shows how quickly fathers get under the skin of their sons. Dad Jones uses his extreme levels of intellect to take down planes with an umbrella while Jones Jr uses the extreme smack sounding punching, magic whip, gun toting violence to solve problems. This team up was even seduced by the same villainous woman, destroyed Petra and both ended up with immortality from the Holy Grail… But in the end, they defeated the Nazis, so that’s all that really matters.


Robert, Frank, Kerry & James Packer

A man that built the modern Australian media (as to its betterment, is up for conjecture) in the latter part of the 19th century sired the family that would essentially own the Aussie opinion for the better part of a century. Robert moved from journo to paper owner. Next in line, Frank, turned the family fortune toward TV and the glossy magazine. Fun fact; Clyde was supposed to be next, but had a school boy spat with his Dad causing him to be written out of the will and his little brother, Kerry inheriting the now cosmic wealth. Kerry dipped and dove through the business world racking up cash, but will be best remembered for starting One Day cricket (this was when a game going for one full day was considered high paced and break neck speed). When little, well not-so little, James took those golden reigns, he bailed out of media and took the inevitable money-making step of buying up casinos. He’s cocked up a lot but he also made several billion dollars along the way. So, can we go with ‘Too big to fail’?

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