Beers of the month – July 2020

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Bad Shepherd – Hazy IPA

Reigned in the citrus assault but the haze keeps it mellow with little glances of bitterness appearing like David Fincher characters


Colonial Brewing Co. – Australian IPA

Tasting this one on Australia Day was a fortuitous co-incidence and due to Australian Law, my body is unable to dislike it. This IPA has a relaxed taste which reflects the envied, laid back Down Under culture.


Bojak Brewing. Trump Card. American Pale Ale.

A little bitterness when you first open the window but a beckoning cartoon scent-of-apple-pie mist weirdly seduces you deep into the decadence that is America. Embrace that Yankee style decadence.


Stone and Wood’s Counter Culture – Reinvigam8 Gose

A perfect way to gaslight your body into thinking you’re taking care of it as opposed to refilling it with beautiful alcohol. Livers regenerate, don’t they? DON’T THEY?
At 2.7% they missed an opportunity to subtitle it HydraLite-Beer.


Sauce Brewing with Garage Brewing. Citrius Hazy

Refreshing hit of a Carribbean wave in the face and doesn’t drag you across the sand with its aftertaste, like some IPAS. This is all about a slow pace like a humpback whale at sunset or a drunken apprection of Hootie & The Blowfish


Sow and Piglets. Märzen Lager

A crisp opening that pans back to a wide field of barley with giggling children in lederhosen and feathered hats. Has enough German body to let you know it could probably launch you like a shot put, should it choose.


Ocean Reach Brewing. Sour Blood Orange

A big Wow of sour. There is a charged up desire to find a party… any party, and kick some life into it. It has an electrically charged energy that Daft Punk could easily insert into their music.


La Sirène Brewing – Season Ale

Has a light sparkle that puts you in an immediate good mood, then holds a long note of succulent sourness on par with Tom Jones opening ‘If I Only Knew’


Coldstream. Grand Porter

A nice thick oakyness that heralds back to a time when a house was made from the trees you cut down yourself and fortified by the dogged determination of a sweat dotted brow.


Bad Shepherd – Double Choc Hazelnut Brown

It has that Mowtown smoothness. A spin, a foot tap and clicks the fingers.
The marriage of Choc & Hazelnut is as sexy as John Legend eating fried chicken off Chrissy Teigen’s behind.


Stone & Wood Counter Culture G3

The hazy fruit glints in the sun as it rolls out of its green garage. Strongly bulit structure that still has the svelteness of Lewis Hamilton navigating the Monaco hair pin.

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