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Time management for time poor dads

Time management for time poor dads | Beers Babies Better Halves
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Wife + Kids = No Time

Ok, so life isn’t that bad and to be honest there are times when the above all seem to add up

But how do you spend time with 3 kids when their ages are 9, 3 and 9 months?

The middle child got spoilt this Christmas. The main reason is that we have to keep her happy because she is a beautiful little psycho. Its also really easy to buy presents for a 3-year-old because they can literally play with anything from a karaoke mike stand to a boring ass ball.

We were able to go on holidays and spend ‘quality time’ together.

My eldest was the hardest to search for. She is at that age where she is almost becoming a young lady and that is hard for me to say because, to me, she will always be my baby girl.

We decided to get her roller skates… yep that’s right. Roller-skates. Apparently they are making a comeback.

“Daddy can we use the roller-skates?

“…ahh not today, babe, your little brother isn’t well, and I have to look after him. Can we do it tomorrow?”

“Ok, Daddy”

Cut to -The next day

“Daddy remember yesterday you said you would help with the roller-skates”?

“Yeah babe, probably can’t today, Psycho middle child is having a fit and we need to calm her down”

“Ok, Daddy”

This went on for almost a week and each day I couldn’t take her outside to practice skating. Our younger kids were both sick and it was a nightmare of a week after Christmas.

I feel terrible when I say, I can’t today, but our other 2 demand so much time of us right now and its hard to even find time to hit the gym for an hour or watch a movie at night. We are on the go from 5.30am – 9.30pm. 7 days a week.

I know my eldest understands and we are extremely lucky for that. She helps as much as a 9-year-old can and she is very loving, caring and very patient.

When she was younger it was all about her. Seeing we only had the one child at the time, everything was focused on her. We were able to go on holidays and spend quality time together. We always had time for her and what ever she wanted she pretty much got.

She is now at that age where she’s beginning to look after herself. When she doesn’t want to go to the shops anymore she is mature enough to stay at home for short periods of time on her own. She even walks to and from school on her own – love her so much for that, I’m very proud of her and this has built up her confidence so much.

Got your own story to tell?

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Luckily tonight I’m taking her to watch basketball and it’s just Daddy and Eldest Daughter time…hopefully, depends if middle psycho child decides to crack the shits and starts up, but here’s hoping, for my baby girl’s sake, it’s just the 2 of us.

Recently I’ve noticed she has been hopping into bed with me at night and now that I think about it, she just wants to spend more time with me… even though we are fast asleep.

I know she is just happy being close to me.

But for fuck sake …I’m going to make sure that we get her on those skates this weekend!

Written by Rob Chappell


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