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Dad Advice: How To Be a Legend Dad

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Having your first, second or in our case third child, is an amazing feeling and here are a few things that will help you and your partner along the way.

This article is about giving you a heads up on the little things that will make the hard parts of parenting just a bit easier.

Some of you may already be doing these, but for those that pick up one or two little tips along the way, I hope this helps.

Preparing Baby Feeds

When your baby finishes their last feed – clean all bottles in one hit with your steriliser. Once cleaned, have them all out on the bench filled with boiling water up to the amount required.

That way you don’t need to keep filling up one bottle at a time and waiting for the water to cool down.

Keep all baby Crap! where is it? in one place

Baby powder, baby lotions, Panadol, Infants friend, formula, wipes, nappies, etc. all in one place.

That way, we Dads, will always know where everything is in case of emergency. The Poo-Explosion is the biggest emergency and trust me, this will happen more often than not, and that shit goes everywhere!


Stock up

Make sure you always have two of everything – that way you’re not running down to the shops in the middle of the night.

Last thing we want to be doing is panicking and not having any Panadol when poor bubs is teething. Trust me, you don’t want to hear you bubs screaming in pain. So stay on top of this gents!

Baby Bag

Keep the baby bag stocked up at all times, and boys, keep this in the same place at all times. You don’t want to be running around looking for it when you’re about to leave the house. Last thing you want is the Mrs cracking it because you can’t find it!

Extra Supplies in the Car

Try and keep a back-up of nappies and wipes in the car… you never know what can happen and the car seems to be where your bubs enjoys a good bowel evacuation…this happened to us last week. There was shit all up our lil’ mans back. Luckily we have that back-up of supplies in the car and it was a trip saver! We changed him in the boot and were still able to go out for lunch and have a beer, we’d definitely earned it.

Help as much as you can

Pregnancy for women is an amazing journey, but it doesn’t just stop once baby is born. Our wives/girlfriends go through many moods as their bodies are trying to get back to what they once were.

So give them time to spend with their friends or get them out of the house, even for a couple of hours, so they can have a rest. Trust me, this is absolutely essential to a happy first 6 months when everything is go-go-go at home.

She often thinks she will have to do everything being new a mum, and they can run themselves into the ground. Make sure you encourage them to have some time to themselves and let them know that you can steer the ship and you’ve got this.

This will be the biggest blessing in disguise for your relationship. Men these days have definitely stepped up to the plate in this area, but we can always get better.

Do the night feeds – so the Mrs can have a proper sleep! Record the footy (or skip it all together because odds are they’ll lose in the last quarter anyway) and spend time with your new born or your kids, this will show your Mrs that you have your priorities right and they will fall in love with you a little bit more… and maybe you’ll get lucky more often

Take the kids out on your own, there is nothing hotter for your Mrs than when they feel confident and comfortable that their man can look after the kids on their own… and trust me boys, you will have heaps of fun when it’s just you and the young one. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to be a kid again.

Last but certainly not least – don’t forget to have fun with the Mrs. Yeah shit changes, and we can’t be out until 6am rocking it on the dancefloor, but trust me, you get more back in return!

We still get on the drinks…but at home. Right now we have discovered Captain Morgan rum “It’s time to get the captain, babe” is a common phrase from the Mrs now. You both need to keep doing what you used to do in the past. She can also let her hair down once in a while (or for us once a week!) We get spicy quite often now, the Captain really hits you quite quickly so get on it boys!

I hope you got something from this, because while I’m definitely not perfect, I do my best to keep us all happy and that’s all you can do!

Written by Rob Chappell


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